How to Plan a Moon and Star Themed Baby Shower

Every mommy-to-be knows her little one is bound to be star! And what better way to welcome them than with a moon and star themed baby shower. Below you will find several ways to incorporate this classic theme into your celebration.

Decorations - Many major party supply store chains carry baby shower decorations and tableware to fit this event theme, however, you might want to get creative and make some one of kind additions to your shower decorations. To set the mood, purchase twinkle lights, star shaped lights, or even moon/star shaped lanterns to hang around the party space. Consider purchasing several yards of shear blue fabric to drape across the ceiling to echo the sky. You can even purchase wool stuffing to place within the fabric to mimic clouds. (Please note: If you are having your event at a hall or other location, you should check with them first to see the extent of the decorations near the ceiling they will allow, as this might interfere with lighting or fire prevention systems). Use dark blue table cloths and scatter confetti style stars over the tables.

Centerpieces - There are several fun ways to make the centerpieces the star of your moon and star themed shower. You can have a literal take on the theme and have a moon and star candles floating in crystal bowls. Or you take a more whimsical approach to the theme and base a vignette at each table around a moon/star themed nursery rhyme like Hey Diddle Diddle or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Games/Activities - You can easily purchase traditional baby shower games (like Baby Shower Bingo designed with a moon and star motif) but there are also creative ways to incorporate this theme into the fun activities you have planned for your shower. For example, set a timer for 3 minutes and have your guest list as many nursery rhymes with the words moon and star in them as they can think of. This also works great with lullabies. The guest with the longest list wins. Make you prizes match the theme too. Try giving your guests night time hand lotion and spa gloves.

Wishing Well - For a cute and practical activity for the mommy-to-be, make your wishing well bedtime story themed. Have your guests bring in bed time story books with the word moon in the title, such as a classic like "Good Night Moon" or "Who stole the Moon?"

Dessert - While your baker is sure to be able to accommodate your moon and star theme and incorporate it into a traditional sheet or tiered cake, this theme makes it really simple to make a DIY cake. For example, you can bake a round cake and simply trim the outside line of the cake to a crescent shape. Ice with yellow frosting and dust with yellow sugar for a shimmering effect. Cover a large cake board with aluminum foil and plate your moon cake. Bake cupcakes to accompany your larger cake. Frost the cupcakes in vanilla frosting and pile on marshmallows before serving. Arrange your fluffy cloud cupcakes artfully around your moon.

With the numerous ways you are able to incorporate the moon and star theme into your baby shower, it is easy to make it a shining part of your little one's bright beginning. And don't forget to continue your theme by giving your guests memorable baby shower favors!

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